Monday, 14 February 2011

IN OUR TIME: A Companion to the Radio 4 Series Book Review

Title: IN OUR TIME: A Companion to the Radio 4 Series
In an astonishing tour through the history of ideas, from philosophy, physics and history to religion, literature and biology, the editor has selected episodes which reflect the diversity of the radio series. Here we can discover the reasons for the fall of the Byzantine empire, why women were persecuted as witches in the 17th century, what really happened in the peasants' revolt and where our calendar comes from. We can also unearth the influence of great Islamic thinkers, prime numbers, Socrates and Tectonic Plates as well as finding out the shape of the origin of life. Melvyn Bragg orchestrates the ideas of leading academics in each field so that the dynamic and lively discussion from the programmes comes through vividly on the page. In fact, the book brings to life the signposts of history, the moments that significantly changed the world as we know it and the individuals and ideas that made us what we are today. A mind-broadening 595 paperback pages with b/w illustrations, afterword and list of contributors.
Published Price: £13.99

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