Friday, 18 November 2011

Royal Warrant Holders Banquet Nov 17th 2011

No pictures allowed in the Banqueting Hall, so here's one from the Ladies'!
We sat at Top Table with the Duke of Edinburgh. On being introduced, he announced that he uses Bibliophile a lot and how long our newspaper is. That's what keeps me busy I replied.

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  1. Annie, I just received the Bibliophile e-Xmas card (from Debbie) and one thing led to another, here I am after an Internet trail. Lovely to be able to follow this blog and I will enjoy reading it. Who am I? You once had a Shirley blurbing for you!

    The Royal Warrant is wonderful - I love catching up on all the news through the catalogue and website. Well done All.

    Shirley D (was P)