Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Max Arthur OBE

Max Arthur OBE


We are thrilled to learn today that for services to military history in this year's New Year's Honours list, Max Arthur, a longtime friend of Annie and staunch supporter of Bibliophile, has received an OBE in deserved recognition for his writing on oral military history. Max has brought history back to life through his 'Forgotten Voices' series of war books sifting Imperial War Museum archives, meticulous research and detail.
Well done Max!
MAX ARTHUR    Book Number: 68892
Published price: £20
Bibliophile price: £5.00
Product format: Hardback

In 2005 for his book The Last Post, the final words from our soldiers of the Great War, Max Arthur interviewed the last 21 veterans of the Great War. Each was over 100 years old and all had vivid ...
MAX ARTHUR    Book Number: 69190
Published price: £8.99
Bibliophile price: £2.00
Product format: Paperback

Subtitled 'Personal Stories from the Falklands War', here are firsthand accounts from action in the Malvinas in 1982. Major Michael J. Norman of the Royal Marines looks at the invasion of the Falk...
MAX ARTHUR    Book Number: 70987
Published price: £7.99
Bibliophile price: £3.75
Product format: Paperback

11am, the 11th of the 11th 1918 - the war is finally over. After four long years Britain welcomed her heroes home. They were welcomed home by their loved ones and those who survived life at the F...

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